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Price list – shareholders

Halsnæs Bryghus is owned by a large group of people shareholders. As a shareholder, you have som perks – find below the shareholder prices. All prices are in DKK.

Bottled beer 50 cl
Choose between our six regulars.
Bottle of 50 cl 40,- / 3 bottles of 50 cl 100,-

Gift box 
Content 3 beers 100,-/ content 6 beers 200,-
Beer glass
25 or 40 cl 35.-
Bottle with lid 2 l
If you fall in love with one of our draft beers, you can fill up a bottle with your favourite. The bottle can be used over and over again.
Bottle with lid 200,-
Refill 130,-
Keg (20 l)
You can buy our regulars in kegs of 20 liters. The kegs have the same S-couplers as Carlsberg. We charge a 250,- deposit per keg – the deposit is refunded on return.
Unopened kegs can be returned.
1 keg 700,-
Beer cooler
We rent out beer coolers with two taps if available on the given date. In our experience, one beer cooler is enough for around 80 people. Contact us regarding beer coolers and kegs.
Beer cooler rent DKK 200.
Renting Bolværket for a private event
Lunch/evening 0,-
Brunch 0,-
Less than 20 guests + 500,-
Beyond opening hours + 1000,-