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Brewer Thomas Naundrup Andersen carries out the brewing at Halsnæs Bryghus.
We only produce non-filtered high quality beers, where all tastes and flavors are kept in the process.
Halsnæs Bryghus has six regular beers - available as bottled and draught beer, and as a rule of thumb, we develop 8-10 seasonal or experimental beers a year. Here, we try out new types of beer.
Do not hesitate to ask our staff, if you are interested in trying out something new.

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Our regular bottled beers are brewed at Herslev Bryghus, with whom we have collaborated since the early days of Halsnæs Bryghus. Herslev Bryghus became a certified organic brewhouse in 2013, and thus all of our bottled beers are organic.

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Do you fancy sweetness, bitterness, the light or the dark? Enjoy a Store Knud - the lager with the agreeable aftertaste, the straw-coloured Classen's Lise with camomile and heather honey, Røde Ran with a touch of fruit. Or the black Vådbinder, reminding you of dark chocolate and roasted coffee? Our selection is wide and challenges you with a variety of tastes.
Curious and into beer? Ask our waiters about the Beer Plank - it will guide you through our beers.
The regular Halsnæs Bryghus bottled beers are available in local grocery stores, as well as in the restaurant. Even in pretty gift boxes!

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